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Source Talks: The VC Corner #5 with Robin Haak

February 08, 2024 Source Group International Season 1 Episode 5
The SGI Podcast
Source Talks: The VC Corner #5 with Robin Haak
Show Notes

The VC Corner hosted by Ori Atia is designed to delve into the often-invisible realm of venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) firms and bring forth invaluable insights from seasoned angel investors.

Aspiring entrepreneurs and founders prepare to dive into the mechanics of scaling a start-up from scratch.

About our esteemed guest: Robin Haak

Robin is the Founder and Managing Partner at Robin Capital, a Solo GP venture established in June 2023. Since its start, the firm has made 12 B2B SaaS investments. Before this, Robin was a General Partner at Revaia, overseeing a 250M Euro Growth Equity Fund in Paris. His earlier entrepreneurial venture includes building SmartRecruiters; the company has over 500 employees and a $1.5 billion valuation, raising $200M with Insight Partners, Silverlake, and Mayfield. At SmartRecruiters, Robin ran Marketing, Operations and sold B2B enterprise software to major companies like Ikea, Visa, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Bosch. He also co-founded Jobspotting, an AI and ML startup. Robin has invested in over 70 companies, five unicorns, and was the first-check investor in N26 and a growth investor in companies such as Algolia, Aircall, and Frontify. Additionally, he founded the charity organization Wo\men Inc. and serves on the supervisory board of Stepstone, a leading global job board.

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