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SourceTalks: The VC Corner - Ep3 with Philipp Herkelmann

November 09, 2023 Source Group International Season 1 Episode 3
The SGI Podcast
SourceTalks: The VC Corner - Ep3 with Philipp Herkelmann
Show Notes

The VC Corner hosted by Ori Atia is designed to delve into the often-invisible realm of venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) firms and bring forth invaluable insights from seasoned angel investors.

Aspiring entrepreneurs and founders prepare to dive into the mechanics of scaling a start-up from scratch.

About our esteemed guest: Philipp Herkelmann

Philipp has a diverse background with 10 years of leadership experience that spans from Silicon Valley to Europe and extends to Nepal. For over a decade, he's been involved in driving business innovation and technological advancements. He started his professional journey as a consultant for public finance, moved on to founding a company, and then became a product manager for a Rocket Internet Venture. He then joined Google in sales, which subsequently led him to Alphabet's innovation division at X-The Moonshot Factory in Palo Alto.

During his time at university, Philipp founded a marketing agency and later a venture-backed startup, which unfortunately lasted only 2.5 years. He later channeled his entrepreneurial spirit as a private angel investor and then as a partner at Talent InvestorEntrepreneur First until recently. There, he offered guidance and resources to over 300 founders and invested in 30 technology startups, from AI and SaaS to autonomous driving and climate-related innovations. A common thread among these investments is their focus on cutting-edge technology and high-caliber talent.

On the academic front, Philipp earned a degree in Public Management and governance and conducted research on Incubation Systems, examining their role in promoting growth in emerging economies. Simultaneously, he founded GiftMe, which introduced the first financial transaction system for tangible goods on Facebook in 2011.

Outside of his professional life, Philipp is a father to two daughters, a hobby-chef for his family and community, and an enthusiast of natural sciences. He is a big believer in non-linear careers and offers one himself, from assisting in C-Sections as a paramedic, working briefly as a chef in a chateau in southern France, to providing public finance consultancy in Nepal.

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