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Source Talks: The Tech Lab #2 with Phil Bennet

June 01, 2023 Source Technology, Part of Source Group International Season 2 Episode 2
The SGI Podcast
Source Talks: The Tech Lab #2 with Phil Bennet
Show Notes

Welcome to "The Tech Lab" podcast, where we explore the world of technology engineering and bring you exclusive conversations with the brightest minds in the engineering industry.

Source Talks: The Tech Lab will investigate numerous factors that contribute towards building, growing, and maintaining effective engineering teams. Hiring trends we'll discuss throughout the podcast series include diversity & inclusion, hybrid working, developing leadership, proactive candidate engagement, and preparing for the future workforce.

This podcast series is hosted by Gus Firth, Managing Consultant. Gus has over four years of experience in software engineering recruitment in Germany. Currently, his focus is on delivering high-quality React.js, Typescript & Node.js engineers to Enterprise & Scale-Up clients in Germany. Gus wants to bring to light the challenges leaders face when hiring, managing, and appraising engineering teams.

Our podcast aims to bring to light the challenges faced by not only hiring managers but the engineering market itself. 

Join us as we explore the ever-evolving landscape of engineering hiring and uncover the secrets to building a high-performing engineering organisation. Whether you're a seasoned engineering manager or just starting in your career, you'll learn valuable insights and actionable tips that will help you build a world-class engineering team.

Episode 2:

In this episode of Source Talks: The Tech Lab; Gus Firth, Managing Consultant at Source Technology, interviews Phil Bennet, the Director of Engineering for Digital Wellness at Kilo Health.

To watch the visual podcast episode, check out our YouTube channel here.

Get ready for an insightful new episode! We dive into a range of topics with our guest, Phil Bennet, including his time at Klarna and the lessons learned from "Klarnageddon." 
We discuss measuring organizational structure, the importance of connection within teams, psychological safety, and the authenticity of the "Grit" and "Growth Mindset" industry. Join us as we explore long-term team resilience, building positive connections, and even get a glimpse into Phil's morning routine and favourite food in Berlin. Stay tuned for an episode packed with valuable insights

Source Talks: The Tech Lab is powered by Source Technology, a niche technology recruitment agency, Discovering Tech Potential. We work across Cyber Security, Data, Cloud & Engineering in the USA, Europe, and the UK. Source Technology is Part of Source Group International.